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Treet; an affiliate of BUBA Bümed Business Angels, is an investment company in agriculture and agriculture technologies. The most important goal of the project is to include agriculture technologies which will help improve conventional agriculture as well as improve agriculture as a whole, with the help of 200 acres of almond gardens in Salihli Province of Manisa.

Treet Agriculture and Agricultural Technologies will be a pioneering venture in the ag-tech industry in Turkey. It will pave the way for agriculture ventures and the investments that will be made in these enterprises.

TreeT’s business partners are Intellectual Ventures and Doktar.

Our Story

The agricultural country like Turkey has too much space in a country known not even discovered yet. With its thousands of acres of land, fertile lands and favorable climate, our country has the potential to be the center of agriculture.

Especially in recent years, we have a lot in common: “I want to buy a land and do agriculture.” This is not just an emotional longing, but people are beginning to believe that they will make money by dealing with agriculture. Initiatives that start in this way are small and their profit margins are not enough to meet their labor. The story of TreeT’s birth was born exactly that way. Let’s bring together people who want to invest in agriculture, let’s do this work on large scales, let people win and develop a brand-new model for investment in agriculture.

We set off with Boğaziçi University graduates who share the same vision with us, who are active in business life and prefer agriculture for investment. With our partnerships and TreeT has become a community.

Our contribution to TreeT is our close proximity to the enterprise and technology ecosystem of BUBA Ventures. Our aim is to lead the development of this economy by developing and cloning The TreeT model with profit rates and developments in technology.

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We Use Agri-Tech

We aim to create a pioneering sample model in Turkey by constituting new agricultural technologies. We are adopting an investment model that will benefit from the digital transformation of agriculture. We discover new technologies that will increase productivity and quality and incorporate them into our own.
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We Work with Experienced and Successful Teams

As we mentioned in detail in the “Our Partners” page, teams we partner up with are made of the most successful names in the field. With the awareness that trust is the most fundamental of necessities, we build the basis of our investment model on trust.
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We are Turning Agriculture into an Investment Model

You can also be an investor in TreeT and work with teams that have mastered the art without the financial risks. You can join our excitement by living through the innovations brought by the agricultural technologies of your future investments.
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We Focus on the Products we Import

Turkey paid $ 400 million in the last four years on almond importation. In the last five years, we imported 89 thousand tons of almonds and exported 33 thousand tons. Our project, which started with a 200-acres of almond fields, will continue to grow.


The Future of Agricultural Technology

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Due to the rapid population growth, the demand to the agricultural products is expected to increase around at 70% in 2050. These data show how important is to study both to utilize the agricultural fields and to obtain more efficient agricultural products. These data reveal the significance of increasing the efficiency, decreasing the wastes and the use of the new technologies.

Our Land in Manisa, Salihli

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A district of Manisa named Salihli, located 72 km away from the Manisa city center, is one of the most arable lands of our country with its fertile lands and favorable climate.

Why Almond Production is Important?

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Almond is one of the earliest kind of fruits of Anatolia. Due to the insufficient production, almond fruit falls short in the domestic market. Turkey is the biggest fourth exporting country in the world, however, serious differences stand out when the numbers are compared with America, which is the leading exporting country.

IoT in Agriculture and Big Data: The Solution to Future Problems

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The time scale of using technology in order to increase the productivity in agriculture is a few hundred is years. In spite of that, the events that caused the biggest impact on our agriculture happenned in 70 years. From 1940s, agricultural machines are becoming common and…

150 Billion Dollar Agricultural Economy is not a Dream for Turkey!

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Our country has nearly 20 million hectares of cultivated area, which means we can do agriculture in nearly 25% of our lands. While cereal is grown in the 60% of our cultivated areas, fruits and vegetables in the 20% and forage crops and oil seeds are grown in the rest. We produce a 60 billion worth out of a 20 million hectare area.

Here are the Health Benefits of Almond in 8 Questions

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Almond, a kind of dried fruit, is an eatable seed in a teardrop shape which is a fruit of almond tree. You can buy it either with or without hull. Hot water is applied to the almonds with hull to peel off the outer brown cover and the smooth white interior is left.


Boğaziçi graduates constitute the majority of our partners, but we do not have such a condition.

Almond product grown with modern agricultural techniques brings high profitability. In addition, almond export potential is a very high product. Although we are the homeland of almond production, we imported 89 thousand tons of almonds and exported 33 thousand tons in the last five years.

Almond groves will begin to give products in the 4th year after planting. We plan to make a profit after 7 years of investment. All our financial calculations; grants, incentives and returns of agricultural technologies to be used are not included

Cengiz Sülün, one of our business partners, was elected in Manisa because of its convenient climate and alpine lands for almond growing.

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