The Production of Xeromorphic Grass has Started


Xeromorphic bermuda grass has been developed with research and development work that has been done for 10 years by Associate Professor Sonül Sever Mutlu and Professor Dr. Nedim Mutlu from Akdeniz University Faculty of Agriculture, and Department of Garden Plants.

The Future of Agricultural Technology

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Due to the rapid population growth, the demand to the agricultural products is expected to increase around at 70% in 2050. These data show how important is to study both to utilize the agricultural fields and to obtain more efficient agricultural products. These data reveal the significance of increasing the efficiency, decreasing the wastes and the use of the new technologies.

Our Land in Manisa, Salihli

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A district of Manisa named Salihli, located 72 km away from the Manisa city center, is one of the most arable lands of our country with its fertile lands and favorable climate.

Why Almond Production is Important?

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Almond is one of the earliest kind of fruits of Anatolia. Due to the insufficient production, almond fruit falls short in the domestic market. Turkey is the biggest fourth exporting country in the world, however, serious differences stand out when the numbers are compared with America, which is the leading exporting country.

IoT in Agriculture and Big Data: The Solution to Future Problems

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The time scale of using technology in order to increase the productivity in agriculture is a few hundred is years. In spite of that, the events that caused the biggest impact on our agriculture happenned in 70 years. From 1940s, agricultural machines are becoming common and…

150 Billion Dollar Agricultural Economy is not a Dream for Turkey!

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Our country has nearly 20 million hectares of cultivated area, which means we can do agriculture in nearly 25% of our lands. While cereal is grown in the 60% of our cultivated areas, fruits and vegetables in the 20% and forage crops and oil seeds are grown in the rest. We produce a 60 billion worth out of a 20 million hectare area.

Here are the Health Benefits of Almond in 8 Questions

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Almond, a kind of dried fruit, is an eatable seed in a teardrop shape which is a fruit of almond tree. You can buy it either with or without hull. Hot water is applied to the almonds with hull to peel off the outer brown cover and the smooth white interior is left.