About Us

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Treet; an affiliate of BUBA Bümed Business Angels, is an investment company in agriculture and agriculture technologies. The most important goal of the project is to include agriculture technologies which will help improve conventional agriculture as well as improve agriculture as a whole, with the help of 200 acres of almond gardens in Salihli Province of Manisa.

Treet Agriculture and Agricultural Technologies will be a pioneering venture in the ag-tech industry in Turkey. It will pave the way for agriculture ventures and the investments that will be made in these enterprises.

TreeT’s business partners are Intellectual Ventures, and Doktar.

Our Story

The agricultural country like Turkey has too much space in a country known not even discovered yet. With its thousands of acres of land, fertile lands and favorable climate, our country has the potential to be the center of agriculture.

Especially in recent years, we have a lot in common: “I want to buy a land and do agriculture.” This is not just an emotional longing, but people are beginning to believe that they will make money by dealing with agriculture. Initiatives that start in this way are small and their profit margins are not enough to meet their labor. The story of TreeT’s birth was born exactly that way. Let’s bring together people who want to invest in agriculture, let’s do this work on large scales, let people win and develop a brand-new model for investment in agriculture.

We set off with Boğaziçi University graduates who share the same vision with us, who are active in business life and prefer agriculture for investment. With our partnerships and partnerships, TereT has become a community.

Our contribution to TreeT is our close proximity to the enterprise and technology ecosystem of BUBA Ventures. Our aim is to lead the development of this economy by developing and cloning The TreeT model with profit rates and developments in technology.

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BUBA Business Angels

BUBA which started its operations by establishing a university-based angel investor network, specializes in raising ventures for the ecosystem. Together with its strategic partners, it establishes and manages programs for ventures, bringing the ventures into contact with investors. BUBA helps ventures gain innovative vision through its intrapreneurship programs. Along with these, BUBA advises institutions on placement of patented technologies. BUBA Counseling for Business (BCB) builds the bridge between Boğaziçi University and its graduates to support institutions with their needs and enrich them with innovative thinking.

BUBA is the Turkish representative of the world’s largest patent investment fund with a portfolio size of $7 billion,
Intellectual Ventures. 

Companies in Turkey has achieved significant progress in order to ensure and spread patent culture in recent years. These progresses include the provision of tax exemptions for income derived from products manufactured using domestic patents, the representation of patents with valuation reports among company assets, and the presentation of patents as collaterals for credit applications.

BUBA and Intellectual Ventures, cooperate on enrichment of the patent portfolio of companies in Turkey and opening their patents to foreign markets.

BUBA’s patent consultancy services include;

  • Patent evaluation
  • Government incentives consultancy
  • Patent commercialization consulting
  • Patent purchasing, sales, licensing consultancy

The initiative of TreeT Agriculture and Agriculture Technologies will also be funded by the patent fund that BUBA provides. New agriculture technologies will be explored and evaluated in the context of TreeT.