Our Partners

Boğaziçi University – Innovative Agriculture and Food Management Platform

Bogazici University Innovative Agriculture and Food Management Platform, aims to contribute to the accumulation of knowledge that will improve the innovation capabilities of the agriculture and food sector in Turkey, support the agriculture sector’s technology integration and digital transformation, and increase the competitive power in national and global agriculture and food markets.

Globally, the “new agriculture and food sectors” faced with productivity issues and market constraints need new tools to preserve competitiveness and increase innovation capacities.

For this purpose, the platform serves agricultural companies, NGOs, financial institutions, logistics firms, consultancy companies, companies operating in the field of information and communication technology, universities, research institutes, local administrations, public institutions, etc. to promote and develop joint action.

Intellectual Ventures

Intellectual Ventures is a global invention and investment business that creates, incubates and commercializes impactful inventions. Led by avid inventor and technology leader Nathan Myhrvold, IV has created more than a dozen companies with the power to transform industries. At the edge of technological advances to serve both the developed and developing world, IV works with many of the world’s top inventors to push innovation forward.

BUBA and Intellectual Ventures, cooperate on enrichment of the patent portfolio of companies in Turkey and opening their patents to foreign markets.


Doktar is an Agritech company providing digitization solutions to farmers and corporations. Their connected agriculture products and services optimize yields and minimize input cost by applying machine learning algorithms and phonological development models to data collected from various sources (IoT devices in fields or equipment, hyper-local weather forecasts, satellite images, soil analyses…) Their corporate services powered with 500k farmer data, farmer relationship management apps and multi-channel reach help Agricultural companies to manage their relationships with farmers, generate more insight to their behavior and maximize sales.