Why TreeT?

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We Use Agri-Tech

We aim to create a pioneering sample model in Turkey by constituting new agricultural technologies. We are adopting an investment model that will benefit from the digital transformation of agriculture. We discover new technologies that will increase productivity and quality and incorporate them into our own.
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We Work with Experienced and Successful Teams

As we mentioned in detail in the “Our Partners” page, teams we partner up with are made of the most successful names in the field. With the awareness that trust is the most fundamental of necessities, we build the basis of our investment model on trust.
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We are Turning Agriculture into an Investment Model

You can also be an investor in TreeT and work with teams that have mastered the art without the financial risks. You can join our excitement by living through the innovations brought by the agricultural technologies of your future investments.
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We Focus on the Products we Import

Turkey paid $ 400 million in the last four years on almond importation. In the last five years, we imported 89 thousand tons of almonds and exported 33 thousand tons. Our project, which started with a 200-acres of almond fields, will continue to grow.